We are the market leader in Ho.Re.Ca. industry with miscellaneous cookware and serving accessories that meet highest quality standards.



Altınbaşak Mutfak

Blending nearly forty years of manufacturing experience with the organizational and human sources investments in recent years, our company meets the demands of Professionals with its wide range of products.

Our company has earned its status in HoReCa Market, with various innovative products, untolerable quality principles, flexibility to manufacture custom design items, speed of production and delivery and most importantly the power of doing business with its own capital.

With continuous modernizations, non-stop machinery and mold investments, awareness of human resource improvements, our company targets a status in international markets similar to the one in the domestic market, which was rightfully earned.

Our company motto is; Offer the market the Best Quality Products, in the Shortest Time and with the Most Competitive Prices

Altınbaşak Mutfak Eşyaları

Our Mission

Our mission in Industrial Kitchen and Household Kitchenware "New, High Quality, Fast Service and Product."

Our Affiliates

Altınbaşak contains Abm Mutfak (Horeca), Tava.com.tr (E-commerce) and Altıntepsi.com.tr 'addresses.

Our Address

Yenidoğan Neighborhood. Rami Kışla Road. Erka Balata Street. No : 13/A

24/7 Support

You can reach us at any time (24/7) via our Whatsapp support line
0552 247 4653

Altınbaşak Mutfak

You can contact us at any time.
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Warehouse : Yenidoğan Neighborhood. Rami Kışla Road. Erka Balata Street. No : 13/A Bayrampaşa / İSTANBUL / TÜRKİYE

Factory : Velimşe Org.San.Neighborhood 227. Street No 24/1

Warehouse : +90 212 612 10 02 / 1003 | +90 212 612 10 17

Factory : +90 282 674 55 44 | +90 282 674 55 45